Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Museum - Memorial Complex to Appear in Kazan Kremlin

"Work on designing local museums and museum complexes in territory of the Kazan Kremlin is being conducted these days. Namely here the unique monuments of the Tatar town-planning architecture and masterpieces of world architectural achievements since ancient times and up to now are widely presented.

For example, it is planned to open in the territory of museum - reserve museum -memorial complex " History of Tatarstan and Tatar people statehood ", museum of nature of Tatarstan, picture gallery, museum of history of jeweler art, museum of "Islam - religion of peace ", museum of Orthodox art of peoples of the Volga region, museum of Cannon court yard, and Hermitage center."

Source: "Tatar-inform", August 1, 2005.

View of Kazan Kremlin, Republic of Tatarstan in Russian
Federation In addition to planned museums, the Kazan Kremlin
contains majestic new Islamic Grand Masjid and a collection
of historic Russian Orthodox Cathedrals. The city celebrates
its 1000th anniversary later this month.

Photo credit: Republic of Tatarstan in Russian Federation


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