Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Equality of All People in Death

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- "Muslim leaders and Saudi princes bade farewell to King Fahd on Tuesday, saying prayers in a jammed mosque and then burying him in an unmarked desert grave in keeping with the kingdom's austere version of Islam. ...

The ceremony was not officially a state funeral, because the kingdom's strict version of Islam known as Wahhabism stresses the equality of all people in death.

Wahhabis also discourage visiting graves, as is common in other Muslim cultures, and frown on public displays of grief. The only sign of mourning in the streets of Riyadh were a few small condolence signs put up by foreigners."

Salah Nasrawi Saudi King Fahd Buried in Unmarked Grave
The Associated Press (via WashingtonPost.com) August 2, 2005

Ordon's Grave, Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv, Ukraine
[Lychakiv Cemetery is one of Europe's finest
cemeteries in terms of the quality of its funerary
sculptural art.]
Photo credit: Alexander Denisenko


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