Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stryisky Park, Lviv, Ukraine -- Museum Opportunity

One of Europe's finest urban landscape parks, Stryisky Park was
founded in Lemberg, Austro-Hungary (later Lwow, Poland; Lvov,
the Soviet Union; and now Lviv, Ukraine) in 1887 by the Austrian
landscape architect and civil servant Arnold Rohring.
The Park was first constructed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire
as the site of an Agricultural Exhibition Fairground,
aimed at highlighting Austro-Hungarian farm and technical
achievements in the Eastern Provinces of the Austro-Hungarian
Empire. This beautiful and exotic park ranges over 58 hectares
and features over 200 species of trees and plants, and
kilometers of walking trails. It also features architectural
follies and a beautiful and popular swan pond. Parts of
the Park feature formal gardens, while other parts
of the Park feature more wild English-style gardens and
landscaping. Under the Soviet Union, the Park featured a
children's railroad, which is now, sadly, in disuse. There
was also a beautiful Austro-Hungarian Empire-style
Palace of Arts constructed in the Park in 1887, which,
while currently being used as an athletic facility by the
Lviv Polytechnic University, is awaiting renewal
and adaptive reuse. There are numerous civic and cultural
organizations headquartered in the Park, as well as a Polish
constructivist cinema from the 1920s, a Soviet modernist
cinema from the 1970s, and the still operating "Sputnik"
restaurant. The Park's Austro-Hungarian Empire-style Palace
of Arts is a major small museum opportunity. (It is not to be
confused with the downtown Palace of Arts, constructed in
the 1990s as an exhibition hall adjacent to the 19th century
Potocki Palace, which is slated to house the distinguished
Lviv Picture Gallery [now that it will no longer be claimed
by former President Kuchma as his western White House]).

Interactive Web-site [in Ukrainian] for Striysky Park
(hosted by the U.S. Department of State and very slow):

Palace of Arts, Striysky Park, Lviv, Ukraine (1887)


Blogger Dorota Sakol said...

My name is Dorota Sąkol and my family name is Rohring. Arnold Rohring is my grand grandfother. We live in Poland and we are Polish. I've heard about the Austrian origin of Arnold but I would like to know something more about it. I am still looking for the information. The family name of Arnold's wife was Kuźmińska. Their tumb still exists on the Lyczakowski cemetery. All the signs on the family tumb are in Polish.

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