Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Looks Like Wintertime Fun! NSO To Explore Mozart, Mesmerism ... And Schubert

"A certain physician named Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, who was chased out of Vienna, found its sonority quite useful to provide the desired ambience for his controversial demonstrations of hypnotic states using magnets (i.e., "mesmerism")."

National Symphony Orchestra

Christa Schönfeldinger and Thomas Bloch are contemporary proponents of glass instruments. Ms. Schönfeldinger will be performing at the NSO concert in a work by Jörg Widmann premiered by the Vienna Philharmonic under Pierre Boulez in 2007. (Discounted $20 tickets available for this winter concert.)



Sofía Gubaidulina - Der Reiter auf dem weissen Pferd (2002)


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