Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In The Wake Of Many Wars, Another Small Appeal For Hope, Charity, Sanity, And Well-Being In The New Year

'Since Ukraine became an independent nation in 1991, the country has made major strides toward achieving political and economic reforms.... Despite these successes, many challenges still lie ahead, particularly in the area of health care for older people. The average life expectancy in Ukraine is only 67 years, and those who achieve old age often live in poverty. Women are expected to retire from their professions at age 55 and men at 60. Pensions are so low that retirees are often forced to take laborious jobs on the streets. Because of deficiencies in medical education, deteriorating hospital facilities, a lack of modern medications and supplies, and inadequate physician payment mechanisms that breed corruption, many elderly people mistrust the medical system and often turn to folk medicines and Eastern medical practices to treat their illnesses.'

The elderly people of post-Soviet Ukraine: medical, social, and economic challenges [2005]

American Friends of For Survival: a volunteer organization serving 67 home-bound elderly persons in Kyiv, Ukraine, Future European Union.

Photo credit: Political reform demonstration in Kyiv, Ukraine, Future European Union. (c) Washington Post 2011. Copyright controlled.


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