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Pop Quiz: Which Famous Classical Composer’s House Museum Has Provided The Greatest Economic, Cultural, And Spiritual Benefits To Its Home Country?

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by Karol Szymanowski
Edited and translated by Alistair Wightman

Hardback ISBN-10 0907689388/ ISBN-13O9780907689386

392 pages

Paperback: £n/a -- to be published autumn 2009
Hardback: £35 00

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Karol Szymanowski (1882–1937) is now widely acknowledged to be the most important Polish composer since Chopin. He was born the same year as Igor Stravinsky, and like Stravinsky, spent long periods of his early life in what was then 'the Ukraine' [divided, roughly, between the Russian Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Poland; and is now Ukraine. Unlike Stravinksy, however, his early summer house (in Timoshovka [Tymoszówka], southeast of Kyiv, Ukraine, Future European Union) was destroyed during the violent revolutionary upheaval of the early twentieth century [top image].

His Violin Concertos are more richly scored than is the Violin Concerto by Stravinsky. [His later home in the Tatra Carpathian mountains of Poland, European Union, now a Composer House Museum, is shown in the last photo.]


Karol Szymanowski House Museum, Kirovograd [Elisavetgrad],Ukraine, Future European Union. Elisavetgrad was the winter home of the land-owning, Polish Szymanowski family. The bracketed link provides historic photographs of the city.

"Kirovograd museum of musical culture named after an outstanding fellow-countryman, composer Karol Shymanovsky, was officially opened in 1991, receiving the state status. The basis for creating this museum was existing from 1985 on public beginnings the room - museum of K.Shymanovsky in Kirovograd musical school. An interesting collection was picked up by its creators - teachers of the school - I.Gorgots, G.Taranets, and also an Honored Artist of Polish Culture, musicologist O.Levtonova (Moscow). Kirovograd (Elisavetgrad) has given Ukraine and the whole world a constellation of outstanding musicians. Our city was and remains a considerable center of musical culture of Ukraine. The funds of the museum consist of almost 4000 exhibits."

Karol Szymanowski House-Museum of Musical Culture
Address: Dzerzhinsky str., 65, Kirovograd, Ukraine, 25006
Phone +38 (0522) 24-62-51


ul. Kasprusie 19
Atma Villa Zakopane 34-500
Tel: 48 18 201 3493
Fax: 48 18 201 4554


"In town of Ustylug, Ukraine, which is situated very close to the Ukrainian-Polish [-and Belarusian] border there is an “Old Grange” museum, former estate of Igor Stravinsky, the place where the famous composer created several music works – “The Fire Bird”, “The Rite of Spring” and others."

Ukraine-Japan Center: Gateway to Ukraine Business


U.S.- Ukraine Business Council, Washington, D.C. and Kyiv, Ukraine


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