Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pan Cogito Prays That Prime Ministers - 'Elect' Vladimir Putin And Yulia Tymoshenko Will Be Able To Work Together For European Integration

"Parliament elected the fiery Yulia Tymoshenko prime minister Tuesday by the narrowest possible margin, in a striking political comeback likely to strengthen Ukraine's ties to the West and aggravate tensions with Russia.

Now the big question is whether the 47-year-old heroine of the 2004 Orange Revolution, which split the country between those who favor close ties to Moscow and those who seek greater integration with Europe, can hang onto her job.

Tuesday marked the second time Tymoshenko has won the prime minister's post: her first stint ended after just seven months, when she was fired by her Orange Revolution partner Viktor Yushchenko.

Speaking shortly before the vote, Tymoshenko said it was critical that the two parties put their differences aside....

Yushchenko has consistently advocated moving this nation of 47 million closer to the West, pushing for quick membership in NATO and the European Union."

Associated Press "Tymoshenko Elected Ukrainian PM" New York Times December 18, 2007

Photo credit: www.tymoshenko.com.ua


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