Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Which Lamentations And Tears Turn To Eternal Hope (And Faith And Charity) As The San Francisco Symphony Announces An Unexpected Surplus Of $454,000

San Francisco Symphony finishes out its year with "an unexpected surplus of $454,000 on an operating budget of $58.3 million - a far cry from the $1.7 million deficit the organization was projecting just a year ago."

Joshua Kosman "Surplus (surprise!) for Symphony" San Francisco Chronicle December 11, 2007 (Via ArtsJournal.com)

How much do you suppose should be budgeted for SFS revival performances of Andrew Imbrie's 'Requiem' [1984] and 'Prometheus Bound' dance-cantata [1981]?

Porter, Andrew. "Musical Events." The New Yorker. December 10, 1984, p. 180-181


"According to a 2003 United Nations report into human development in the Arab world, more books are translated into Spanish each year - 10,000 - than have been translated into Arabic in the previous 10 centuries. Now this situation is being rectified by the sheikhdom of Abu Dhabi, one of the seven Muslim United Arab Emirates, which last month officially revealed its plans to translate 100 epochal foreign-language texts into Arabic by the end of next year."

James Adams "Arab world opens door to Western classics" Toronto Globe and Mail December 10, 2007 (via ArtsJournal.com)

And how much do you suppose the San Francisco Symphony should allocate to new commissions?

Children Without Musical Instruments in Angola.

When Children Are Accused Of Witchcraft

"On the dusty streets of the Palanca Township, we stumbled upon a small Pentecostal church. Through a metal door is a compound. On the left a small concrete out-house. There were people inside. We opened the door and what we found was shocking.

Sitting on the floor was a terrified, near naked girl of eight. Her head shaven. She cowers as her mother and a pastor shout at her. We take him outside. This is an exorcism he told us. The reason - the mother's marriage broke down. It's the child's fault and she's possessed with Kindoki."

Photo credit: (c) www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/gallery. All rights reserved.


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