Tuesday, December 18, 2007

With WETA-FM Now Taking Cues From Renaissance Research Playbook, Pan Cogito Feels Comfortable Enough To Contemplate Saint Nicholas Eve Holiday

Saint Nicholas surrounded by scenes from his Life, Miracles, and Generosity; from the sublime Icon Galleries of the National Museum of Ukraine, Lviv. [Latter half of the 16th century,
135 x 124 cm. Egg tempera on lime wood.]

The historical Saint Nicholas is equally remembered and revered by Orthodox and Catholic Christians (though perhaps more spiritually revered by Orthodox Christians).

[Click on image for enlargement.]


Tonight after 9 PM, classical WETA-FM, public radio in the Nation's Capital, will offer a full recorded performance of American classical composer Arthur Foote's Piano Trio #1 with the Arden Trio, on Naxos records. Solo and choral Western classical singing has also been reported to have been heard on classical WETA-FM, public radio in the Nation's Capital, the past few weeks for the first time in nearly a year.

Perhaps, next year WETA-FM will feel self-confident enough to program holiday works by such Western contemporary classical composers as Paul Constantinescu, Petr Eben, and many many others -- thus affording its classical listeners the broad, humanististically-based contemporary classical radio listening experience taken for granted in the rest of the advanced, educated world (especially Western and Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong).

Image credit: (c) www.christusrex.org and the Virtual Lviv Icon Gallery [Ukrainian Icons In The 11th-16th c.] With thanks.


UPDATE: A Midnight Service Helps African Immigrants Combat Demons [in Washington, D.C.] Also see, Spiritual Warfare.


Blogger JW said...

I love that Costantinescu oratorio The Nativity. Quietly passionate not unlike Gretchninov, but sounds vry different, a strong Byzantine element being clearly present. It's lack of general availability has certainly inhibited its popularity. Is that cd even in print anymore?

12:31 PM  
Blogger Garth Trinkl said...

Thanks, JW.

I too deeply love Costantinescu's oratorio The Nativity and I now listen to it every Christmas, as well as usually one other time during the year.

Yes, unfortunately, I believe the Olympia, London-licensed recording is out of print. I feel grateful to have a copy, and to have found an additional remaindered copy that I gave to my mother.

Any ideas about how we can encourage the re-release, re-licensing, or re-recording of this spiritual masterpiece?

With warm Christmas wishes.

8:22 AM  
Blogger JW said...

I have no idea who owns the rights to those old tapes. A new recording would be ideal. Maybe we could interest the Romanian consulate in assisting us in making a a spanking new digital recording. Know anyone there?

1:04 PM  

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