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Of Mathematics, Classical Music, And An Abiding Respect For Living Classical Composers: Pianist Ivan Ilic To Perform At Phillips Collection On Sunday

"A rising star on the Parisian music scene, 28 year old American pianist Ivan Ilić is gaining international recognition for his “unique blend of a Gallic touch, a Slavic soul and a mathematician’s precision.”

A disciple of the legendary François-René Duchâble, Ivan is supported by the American Foundation in Paris, the University of Illinois, the Karić Foundation in Belgrade, and the Nadia Boulanger Foundation in Paris. He recently completed a one-year residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts.

Ivan started music studies at age 6 and gave his recital debut at 11. He went on to take degrees in music and mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. After capturing all of Berkeley’s music awards, he left for Paris with a Hertz Travelling Fellowship from the University.

Shortly afterwards Ivan was admitted to the esteemed Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, where he took a Premier Prix (First Prize) in piano performance, followed by a Diplôme à l’Unanimité from the École Normale de Musique in Paris. At age 20 he launched a solo recital career that has taken him throughout Europe.

Ivan's playing is often broadcast on television and radio stations in America, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Serbia. The City of Paris sponsored his last recording.

Projects for 2007 include new works written for Ivan by Keeril Makan and Dmitri Tymoczko [as well as 'newer' commissioned works by John Metcall, John King, Renold Tharp, and Fernando Benadon]. Ivan will give his Carnegie Hall recital debut in June 2008."

From the artists official Website, where the pianist provides links to these contemporary classical composers:

John L King*

Fernando Benadon**

Keeril Makan***

Dmitri Tymoczko

Reynold Tharp

*Ivan premiered John's Piano Sonata on October 18th 2006 in Inverness, Scotland. The Inverness Courier wrote: "Its darkly resonant opening phrases and agitated, pulsating figures were developed and expanded in skillful fashion..." [review]

**Ivan premiered Fernando's Búgi Wúgi on April 13th 2007 in Wexford. He recorded the work in May in Washington DC and has performed it over a dozen times, including the John Field Room in Dublin. The Coleraine Chronicle recently called the piece "exceptionally cheerful." [review]

***Ivan premiered Afterglow in Swansea on September 20th 2007. John Morgan of the Western Mail wrote "Makan exploits the natural timbre of the piano and its harmonics to great effect, and at moments one had the impression of listening to a piano for the first time." [review 1] [review 2] [review 3]

Pianist of classical and contemporary classical music, Ivan Ilić.


Sunday Afternoon 4 PM Concerts at the Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

Ivan Ilic performs works by Alessandro Rolla, J.C. Bach, Bartok, and Schnittke.

Photo credit: (c) Ivan Ilić's official Website. 2007. All rights reserved.


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