Wednesday, December 05, 2007

News Updates From Afghanistan And Pakistan ...

An Ashokan Edict, in Aramaic, from Afghanistan; and Relief of musicians in Scythian costume from Taxila Museum [dedicated mainly to the remains of Gandhara civilization. Taxila, in Pakistan, was an early UNESCO World Heritage Site].

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"Why are the poor so stricken by despair?
Why do the rich feel ever more alone?
It embraces everything, night and dreams, Silence that arouses anxiety.
Night that envelops sadness and despair.
Dreams of hope for a transformation.
Let us take heed of Job.
Then maybe we'll prevail against
The slogans, the labels, illusions and indifference,
The cradles that surround us."

-- Zbigniew Preisner


Photo credits: (c) LGPN Lexicon. University of Oxford, UK. All rights reserved. With thanks.


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