Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sustainable Civilization Challenged By Natural And Man-Made Nuclear And Chemical Accidents In Japan And Ukraine

"A powerful earthquake tipped over barrels of nuclear waste at a power plant and officials on Tuesday were investigating whether there were any radioactive leaks, a day after they said the quake had caused the reactor to spill radioactive water into the sea.

The death toll stood at nine a day after the 6.6-magnitude quake. One person was missing and another 13,000 were homeless, as rescue workers rushed to locate any survivors in the rubble amid fears of landslides.

A total of 50 cases of malfunctioning were discovered at the plant after the quake, Kyodo News agency reported Tuesday, including fires, water and oil leaks, and pipes knocked out of place. The report cited the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., but TEPCO officials could not immediately confirm it." ...

Eric Talmadge Associated Press "Nuke Waste Drums Tipped in Japan Quake" New York Times July 17, 2007


"A freight train carrying toxic yellow phosphorus derailed on the evening of July 16 in western Ukraine, sparking a fire and a poisonous cloud that has contaminated over a dozen nearby villages, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reported.

Fifteen rail cars overturned when the train, traveling from Kazakhstan to Poland, derailed near Lviv on the Polish border. Of those, six caught fire, spreading a poison cloud over 90 square kilometers.

"The [poison] cloud has affected 14 villages in the Busk district, where some 11,000 people live," Pavlo Vasylevskyy, the press secretary for the Lviv branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry, said today.

Vasylevskyy added that a government committee ordered the evacuation of 793 people, 472 of whom left the area on their own.

Twenty people, including emergency workers and local residents, suffered inhalation injuries after the liquefied yellow phosphorus combusted, forming the toxic cloud." ...

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty "Train Carrying Toxic Cargo Derails In Ukraine" July 17, 2007

Photo credit: (c) Yriy Kalinak/Ukraine Emergency Ministry, via Associated Press. With thanks.


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European Stork City Organization paces the fatigued European Union.


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