Monday, July 16, 2007

Under Pan Cogito's Guest Editorship, Renaissance Research Moves Up Two Places From 69,978,923 To 69,978,921 In World Wide Web Blog Readership

..."Tony Blair says there are 70 million blogs. Presumably, British Intelligence has been counting." ...

Harold Evans, Editor at large, the Week (London) commenting in the Wall Street Journal on the 10th Birthday of the blog, July 16, 2007.


Again, we thank our faithful readers. And sincere thanks to our colleagues at Google for the publishing opportunity (and now for helping turn Cogito's Oyster into a Blackberry). And with apologies to many for taking so long to learn what a "hot link" is and why they are to be avoided in organizing the photos gratefully used in this blog. (And with apologies for the resumed need to enable comment moderation. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and faith.)


Mr Cogito's colleague is presently indisposed and is working on some long-delayed settings of Albrecht Haushofer and Johannes Bobrowski.


Johannes Bobrowski's "Levins Mühle” (Levin’s Mill) by composer Udo Zimmermann, premiere in 1973, produced by Harry Kupfer.


Isang Yun - CD 4 (CD IYG 004 der Internationalen Isang Yun Gesellschaft e.V., © 2005, P 1979 + 2005)

1 An der Schwelle. Sonette von Albrecht Haushofer
für Bariton, Frauenchor, Orgel, Bläser und Schlagzeug (1975) 17’14
Ernst Gerold Schramm (Bariton), Frauen des RIAS-Kammerchors,
Zsigmond Szathmáry (Orgel), Solisten-Ensemble Berlin, Uwe Gronostay

2 Leggiero. Etüde II für Violoncello solo (1993) 2’43
Myung-Jin Lee

3 Piri für Oboe solo (1971) 12’43
Heinz Holliger

4 Dolce. Etüde V für Violoncello solo (1993) 7’38
Myung-Jin Lee

5 Der weise Mann. Kantate für Bariton, gemischten Chor und Kammerensemble
nach Texten des Predigers Salomo und von Lao-tzu (1977) 26’12
Carl-Heinz Müller (Bariton), Mitglieder des Kammerchors Ernst Senff,
Instrumental-Ensemble Berlin, Peter Schwarz


CD IYG 004 der Internationalen Isang Yun Gesellschaft e. V., © 2005, P 1979 + 2005

Image credit: (c) Der Internationalen Isang Yun Gesellschaft. With thanks.


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