Friday, July 13, 2007

In Which Mr Cogito Stares At All The Shiny, Sleek New I-Pods And I-Phones And Then Secretly And Shamefully Consults His Muted New Oyster

In Re: "Squirting music from one device to another" ...

Patent: From Apple's Server to Your Ear

"Another day, another newly discovered Apple (AAPL) patent application.

This one has to do with wireless "data delivery to mobile devices," as the abstract puts it, and it's signed by some of the biggest names in Apple's music division, including Tony Fadell, the engineering mastermind who built the original iPod and supervised construction of the iPhone.

Following the lead of Dennis Sellers at Macsimum News, who dug the thing out of the Patent Office slush pile yesterday, most commentators have focused on the part of the patent filing that describes what Microsoft's (MSFT) Zune already does: squirt music from one device to another....

But if you read what Apple actually filed, which you can do here, the focus is pretty clearly on applications where data -- not just music, but playlists, software updates, airplane schedules, etc. -- is beamed from a local server to wireless devices that wander into the range of its broadcast signal. ...

Only Steve Jobs (and maybe Tony Fadell) know what Apple has in mind, but based on what the company filed, you can imagine airports that beamed instant messages to your iPod when your plane was boarding or running late, coffee shops that streamed music into your headset [emphasis added], tennis tournaments that alerted you when Nadal was about to serve to Federer, Apple TVs that broadcast shows to various screens around the house, Apple stores that peeked into your iPhone, determined what versions of its apps you were running, and updated them on the spot." ...

Philip Elmer-DeWitt Apple 2.0 "Mac news from outside the reality distortion field" via Business 2.0" July 13, 2007

from Apple data sharing U.S. patent filing (above)

Northern Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) (below)


"In each creature there is a spark of God" (Leos Janacek, composer, librettist, humanist)


Image and photo credits: (c) Apple Corporation via the U.S.Patent and Trademark Office July 5, 2007 and State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources. All rights reserved. With thanks.


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