Tuesday, July 24, 2007

50 Years And A New Century Later, American Artists Continue To Keep The Faith Despite Natural Disasters And Uncaring Government And Corporations

Eureka Brass Band end 1950's - Percy Humphrey - Kid Sheik - Peter Bocage (tp) - Black Happy Goldston (sn dms) - Robert Lewis (bs dms) - Manny Paul (tnr sx) - Willie Humphrey (alt sx) - Albert Warner - Chicken Henry (tbn) - Red Clark (bs horn) (Jempi De Donder collection).

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Photo credit: (c) Jempi De Donder Collection. All rights reserved. Via The JazzGazzette, Belgium. March 2004. With thanks.


Leslie Eaton "New Orleans Recovery Is Slowed by Closed Hospitals" New York Times July 24, 2007


Alex Berenson "Tax Break Used by Drug Makers Failed to Add Jobs" New York Times July 24, 2007


Bill Gross Investment Outlook: Enough is Enough PIMCO Bonds August 2007


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