Friday, January 19, 2007

Leading Central European Art And Architecture Scholar Publishes New Tome On Grand Pidhirtsi Castle-Palace-Church Complex Near Lviv, Ukraine

Jan K. Ostrowski, the director of the Wawel Castle Museum and Cathedral Complex in Krakow, Poland, Europe, and the author or co-author of 'The Land of the Winged Horsemen: Art in Poland 1572-1764'; 'Wawel: Castle and Cathedral'; 'Masters of Polish Painting'; 'Krakow' [Poland]; and 'Lviv' [Ukraine]; has just published a large-scale scholarly study of the Grand Pidhirtsi Castle-Palace [1635-1640] near Lviv, Ukraine, which is a highlight of the "Golden Horseshoe" of Castles and Palaces in the Lviv Region. This grand Eastern European Castle-Palace Complex was used by the Nazis and the Soviets as a headquarters and as a political prison. After the war and until the 1990s, the property was used as a sanatorium. The property awaits UNESCO World Heritage site designation and funding, which would allow for cultural heritage and related commercial development of the site.

As well as the Renaissance Castle-Palace complex, founded by the Rzewuski family, the site contains a beautiful wooden church of St. Michael from 1720 (said to have been miraculously transported to its site), and the Baroque church of St. Joseph (1752-1766), which was recently restored by cultural scientists from Lviv, Ukraine; Krakow, Poland; and Petersburg, Russia.

Further publication ordering details on this tome will be posted when located. [NB: The volume is published using the Polish name of the Pidhirtsi Castle-Palace.]

Pidhirtsi Renaissance Castle-Palace and Churches Complex, Lviv Region, Ukraine, Future European Union.

Photo credit: Lviv Ecotourism, Ukraine. With thanks.


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