Thursday, January 18, 2007

Council of 'Europe' Announces Kyiv Initiative Regional Program For Sustainable Community Development Through Integrated Culture And Heritage Policies

Kyiv Initiative Regional Program: Sustainable community development through integrated culture and heritage policies

The Kyiv Initiative is a regional and transversal program of cultural co-operation between five countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

The Kyiv Initiative Regional Program reflects the Council of Europe’s vision of sustainable development which takes into account culture, heritage, environment protection, and urban planning as interconnected elements. Its main objective is to foster a trans-sectoral approach to the management of culture and cultural heritage, through multilateral regional co-operation.

Presentation of the program

Ministerial Conference to launch the Kyiv Initiative Regional Program (15 December 2006, Bucharest, Romania)

Saint Andrew's Orthodox Christian Church, Kyiv, Ukraine, Europe.

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