Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sharon Percy Rockefeller And WETA-FM Radio, In The Nation's Capital, Are Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

"Radio is the dominant mode of consumption of classical music, followed by recordings and then live concerts. Six in 10 orchestra ticket buyers listen to classical music on the radio daily or several times a week. The typical orchestra subscriber owns 105 records, tapes and CDs, compared to 63 for single-ticket buyers.

While some consumers think of classical radio programming as a substitute for live concerts (particularly those with modest levels of knowledge about classical music), most do not. Generally, classical consumers sustain and enhance their interest in the art form through radio and recordings." ...

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation "Classical Music Consumer Segmentation Study" October 2002

"Collage rendering for Princess Yueyang, in Tan Dun's new MET Opera starring Placido Domingo, The First Emperor, by designer Emi Wada, who has designed costumes for Zhang Yimou’s films as well as Julie Taymor’s Oedipus Rex and Akira Kurosawa’s Ran.

In composing The First Emperor, a historical portrait of the visionary but brutal leader who unified ancient China and built the Great Wall, Tan Dun drew on both the vocal lyricism in Western opera as well as the percussive and ritualistic elements found in the Eastern tradition. His innovative score, combined with a compelling production by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Turandot in the Forbidden City), brings freshness, new energy, and a dynamic visual component to the opera stage.

The First Emperor, which runs from December 21 through January 25, will be conducted by Tan Dun — only the fifth man in the history of the Met to conduct his own opera. Plácido Domingo sings the title role of the Emperor who unified China but betrayed the two people he loved most: his daughter Princess Yueyang (Elizabeth Futral and Sarah Coburn) and his childhood friend Gao Jianli (Paul Groves), the composer whom he imprisoned and forced to create an anthem for the glory of the empire."

Photo and text credit: The MET Opera Family. With thanks.


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