Monday, December 04, 2006

While High-Fived Kennedy Center Turns Cold Shoulder To National Music Conservatory, Snape Maltings To Become First 21st C. Music Campus in Europe

Britten celebrated with new music campus

"Benjamin Britten, composer, pianist, conductor, pacifist, humanitarian, and visionary, died on December 4th 1976. Today I celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of his death with the remarkable story of how he left not just a legacy of 20th century masterpieces, but also a remarkable vision which is about to be realised after three decades.

It was the dearest wish of both the composer and his life partner Peter Pears that a music centre should be created at Snape Maltings, and in 2006 comes the exciting news that this vision is to become reality. Over the next three years the ambitious plan is to transform the musical life of the Suffolk coast immortalised in Peter Grimes and other Britten compositions. Drawing on the inspiring landscape, Snape Maltings will become the first dedicated music campus in Europe where top artists from around the world can realise their full potential and connect with a wider public.

The plan is to establish a ‘creative campus’ on the Snape Maltings site, providing the perfect environment for leading artists to work alongside the next generation of musicians." ...

Bob Shingleton "Britten celebrated with new music campus" On An Overgrown Path blog December 4, 2006


"In October 2006, work began on some of the old maltings buildings which are being redeveloped as part of the Aldeburgh Music Development Plan. This involves taking some of them down by hand to ensure that as much of the original material as possible can be reused to retain the character of these wonderful buildings."

Aldeburgh Music

Rather than leaving it to "experts", Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears envisioned the future of music education -- creative and performing -- in a transforming, alert world. It took 30 years for their vision to be recognized by "experts" and to receive institutional support.

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