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Our [Human] Victory: 196 Soviet Wartime Stories, Photographs, And MP3s Of Songs, 1939-45

Songs From The War :

An RAI Novosti, Moscow News Agency Project

Click below for links to MP3s of Soviet Great Patriot War Songs:

Dark Is the Night
Dark Is the Night. Music: Nikita Bogoslovsky. Lyrics: Vladimir Agatov. Singer Mark Bernes. 1944

The Nightingales
The Nightingales. Lyrics Alexei Fatyanov. Singer Georgy Vinogradov. 1943

The Song of a Front-line Driver
The Song of a Front-line Driver. Music: Boris Mokrousov. Lyrics: Naum Labkovsky

Birds of Passage
Birds of Passage. Music: Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi. Lyrics: Alexei Fatyanov

Invincible and Legendary
Invincible and Legendary. Music: Alexander Alaxandrov. Lyrics: Osip Kolychev

March “Homesickness"
March “Homesickness". Music: A. Trofimov

The Road to Berlin
The Road to Berlin. Lyrics: Yevgeny Dolmatovsky. Music: Mark Fradkin. Singer” Leonid Utseov. 1945

Good-bye, Towns and Huts
Good-bye, Towns and Huts. Music: Matvei Blanter. Lyrics: Mikhail Isakovsky

Buddy, Have a Smoke with Me
Buddy, Have a Smoke with Me. Music: Modest Tabachnikov. Lyrics: Ilya Frenkel

In the Dugout
In the Dugout. Music: Konstantin Listov. Lyrics: Alexei Surkov. 1942.

The Blue Envelope

The Sacred War
The Sacred War. Music: Alexander Alexandrov. Lyrics: Vasily Lebedev-Kumach.

On a Nameless Hight
On a Nameless Hight. Music: Veniamin Basner. Lyrics: Mikhail Matusovsky.


Bob Shingleton, over at On An Overgrown Path, leads to an additional 42 MP3s of Soviet Great Patriotic War era 'Forgotten Songs', from Soviet Music:

Note that this larger collection includes protest songs against Hitler and Franco in the 1930s; and that songs #2 and #5 are so-called "Songs about the liberation of Western Ukraine and Belarus in 1939."


Photonews 'Our Victory' Gallery of Photographs taken in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, 1941-45:

Soviet and American veterans of World War II (1939-1945) meet by the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Kyiv/Kiev (Ukraine) in 1985. (Photograph #85-13546)

Photo credit: RAI Novosti News Agency. With thanks.


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