Monday, February 13, 2006

Full Winter Moon Rising And Masterpieces Of Japanese Painting

After watching the waxing moon rise and set for nine days straight in Berkeley, I am now back in Washington, D.C., where I watched last night's full winter moon rise over the frozen snow and slush. I will miss rising early and watching out the window the hazy orange moon slowly set to the far northwest -- and above the early blooming plum trees below.

A highlight of the winter/early spring break was the exhibition of 18th century Japanese paintings by Kyoto artists, on display in the three nicer downstairs galleries [the Lee, Hambrecht, and Osher galleries] of the newer San Francisco Asian Art Museum (the upper halls are too narrow and crowded, especially compared to the beautiful new halls [not to speak of the viewing deck] of the Herzog & de Meuron new de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.


Soga Shohaku, Race at the Uji River

My favorite painting by far -- which I went back a second time to admire -- was Goshun's (Matsumura Gekkei's) pale black and white [Four] Moored Boats, from the doors to a Kyoto monastery sub-temple. An image of the work is supposed to be available here:

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