Thursday, February 02, 2006

Harsh Winter Snow And The Pakistan - Kashmir Earthquake Zone

... "Despite an enormous aid effort over the three months since the Oct. 8 [Pakistan-Kashmir] earthquake, rescue workers are still finding new villages in need of the most basic assistance to hope to survive the harsh winter snows. Two heavy snowfalls in the last month have hampered the relief operation and tested the population of this mountainous area, still traumatized by the quake, which killed 73,338 people, seriously injured 69,000 and left an estimated 2.5 million homeless.

"We are very worried and are being very vigilant," said Jan Vandemoortele, coordinator chief of the United Nations mission in Pakistan, which is working with the Pakistani government in the relief effort. A long spell of very cold weather could imperil many lives, he said." ...

Carlotta Gall "Quake's Homeless Battle Winter" New York Times February 2, 2006.


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"World Food Program employees work with local villagers in the Kohistan district of Pakistan to unload supplies from a helicopter. Helicopters ply the skies incessantly in the region, funnelling relief supplies into remote mountain villages that can't be reached by ground."

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