Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ukraine, The E.U., And The Eastern European Region

"The European Union said on Thursday it would accord Ukraine market economy status, in a move that recognises Ukraine’s reform programme and will improve the country’s trade relations with the 25-nation bloc.

The agreement, which will help Ukraine’s steel producers gain access to European markets without being subjected to anti-dumping measures, was announced at a meeting in Kiev [Kyiv] between Tony Blair, the British prime minister, Jose Manuel Barroso the European commission president, Viktor Yushchenko, president of Ukraine, and other EU and Ukrainian leaders....

The rise to power in Ukraine of Mr Yushchenko, who is striving to bring his country into the EU, has also changed the region’s dynamics.

To drive that point home he is hosting a summit of “Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian” region leaders Friday where presidents from Romania, Georgia and Baltic states, but not Russia and its ally Belarus, will discuss how to strengthen democracy."

Tom Warner in Odessa [Odesa] Ukraine "EU grants Ukraine market economy status" Financial Times December 1, 2005.


The EU is Ukraine's biggest trading partner; annual bilateral trade stands at $22bn (€18.6bn, £12.6bn), ahead of the $20bn trade between Ukraine and Russia.

Minsk, Belarus. Town Council Hall being rebuilt, May 2003.

Photo credit: (c) Oleg Babinets Minsk, Belarus "My favourite writer F.M.Dostoyevsky said once "Beauty will save the world".


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