Monday, November 28, 2005

Ukrainian Windfarms From The Carpathian Mountains To The Crimea To The Donetsk Basin

"When representatives from more than 180 countries gather in Montreal [today] for two weeks of talks on the Kyoto protocol on climate change, one of the important topics for discussion will be financing the development of projects in poorer nations that will enable them to cut their greenhouse gas emissions without having to divert scarce funds from elsewhere.

The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation will have the strongest role to play in financing and facilitating many of these projects. But private banks are also seeking ways to participate in projects such as setting up wind turbines in place of fossil fuel generators, capturing methane from animal slurry and generating energy from landfill sites – all of which can reduce emissions while raising cash for local enterprises in developing countries."

Fiona Harvey "The Rise of the ethical financier" Financial Times November 27, 2005.

"Donuzlav Windfarm State Enterprise" Ukraine Ministry of Fuel and Energy, Crimea, Ukraine. Windfarm put into operation in 1992.

Photo credit: ves_eng.htm


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