Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Winter Wishes To My Readers in Europe!

Happiest wishes for the New Winter to my readers in Europe, and elsewhere, where Winter officially begins today, December 1. May this, perhaps the most psychologically deepest, dangerous, and creative time of year, be a spiritual and safe time for all!


In yesterday's New York Times, journalist Richard Bernstein offers a "Letter From Lviv, Ukraine", entitled "Modest River, Wide Chasm, With Europe 'Over There'". He notes Lviv's current status in Europe as "beautiful but poor", and as a major city enjoying fantastic historical and cultural sites. He also points out that Lviv, Ukraine's sister city, Krakow, Poland, now has a city administration which is 10 times better funded than that of equal-sized Lviv. He further points out that Lviv officials would like European institutions to consider locating European headquarters in Lviv, as well as in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Five years ago Krakow was granted the E.U. designation "Cultural Capital of Europe", which certainly helped its economic prospects. How about the E.U. quickly designating Lviv, Ukraine, a Cultural Capital of Europe during 2006 -- its 750th anniversary? Lviv's multi-cultural, and multi-faithed history is actually more interesting and complex, in my opinion, than that of Krakow (as recognized when Lviv received its UNESCO World Heritage List designation.) More on this in 2006.

Potocki Palace, Lviv, Ukraine

Aristocratic Polish Palace, built in the 19th c. when Lviv (Lemberg) was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It's restoration now nearing completion, will this Palace (which former Ukrainian President Kuchma wanted as his Western White House) serve as Lviv's National Gallery of Art, or as a regional Headquarters Building for a major European Institution?

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