Friday, July 01, 2005

21st Century World Music at the Freer Gallery

Here is a listing of the four Thursday evening (7 PM)
concerts, this July, sponsored by the Freer - Sackler
Galleries, and taking place in the Meyer Auditorium
of the Freer. These performances are very low cost,
though I would encourage those patrons able to do so
to donate $15, $20, or $10 in the donation boxes at the

July 7
Arab-American Rap: Hagage Masaed

Yemeni-American rapper Hagage Masaed mixes Arabic
and English along with influences from R&B, funk,
hip-hop, and Jamaican music to form a unique style of
rap. Also known as "AJ," Masaed has performed with
belly dancers, break dancers, and traditional Arab dancers.

July 14
Sufi Fusion: Niyaz

This innovative ensemble blends the Iranian, Turkish,
and Indian backgrounds of its three members into a Sufi
fusion. Azam Ali's voice has been called "a glorious,
unforgettable instrument" by Billboard magazine.
She is joined by Loga Ramin Torkian on guitar,
Turkish saz, and guitarviol, and by remixer and
producer Carmen Rizzo.

July 21
Asia Past-Future: Trio Tarana

Stretch your ears with avant-garde jazz treatments of
Japanese, Afghan, Indian, and Middle Eastern melodies
by this all-star ensemble. Drummer and leader
Ravish Momin, called a "percussionist extraordinaire"
by the Village Voice, joins Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
on 'ud and bass, and Jason Kao Hwang on violin and

July 28
Cambodian Buddhist Society Musicians and Dancers

Be immersed in the sights and sounds of Cambodia
through the music and dance of the Cambodian
Buddhist Society. Master Chum Ngek, the music
director, is one of the few remaining Khmer musicians
with a mastery of several traditional instruments
and genres.


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