Monday, June 27, 2005

Smithsonian Global Sound Goes Live

"Smithsonian Global Sound delivers the world's
diverse cultural expressions via the Internet
in an informative way for a reasonable price.
It also helps encourage local musicians and
traditions around the planet through international
recognition, the payment of royalties, and support
for regional archives."


To celebrate the launch of Smithsonian Global
Sound, the Smithsonian is offering the following
six FREE downloads:

A mi dulce amada (To My Sweet Beloved)
-- From Jibaro Hasta el Hueso (2003)

-- From Jean Bosco Mwenda (1952)

A la limon (To the Lemon)
-- From Canciones Para el Recreo (2000)

Train That Carried My Girl from Town
-- From Untamed Sense of Control (2003)

When the Moon is Full
-- From Doc Tate, Nevaquaya: Comanche Flute

Chakay and Ching (Instrumental)
-- From Music of Thailand (1959)


To find the music of a specific culture group, see:


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