Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Renaissance of Holocaust-era Musical Works

Last Friday, American pianist, Jeffrey Biegel,
blogging over at Sequenza21, commented
on American conductor James Conlon's
distinguished musical leadership efforts on
behalf of Holocaust-era composers, such as
Viktor Ullmann, who perished at Oswiecim/
Auschwitz-Birkenau, and at other Nazi death
camps. He included a link to Dennis Polkow's
strong essay "The Sound of a Lost Generation",
published by NewCity Chicago:



Mr Biegel closes his comment with an
appeal to anyone who has knowledge of, or
access to, these composers' output to please
share these materials.

I certainly hope that anyone with access to
not yet published Holocaust-era composers'
output will share this material, or even
their not yet recorded memories of the lost
composers of that disaster.

Besides forwarding these materials to Mr Biegel,
I would hope that arrangements would be made
to deposit any not yet publically available
musical works in the musical archives of the
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,
or other appropriate professionally-administered
international musical archives.


Link to the USHMM musical archives,
with opening page image of "Piesn Obozowa,"
by Zbigniew Koczanowicz :


A second link to the USHMM's multi-media
feature "Music of the Holocaust: Highlights
from the Collection":


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