Monday, June 27, 2005

Another Day on Earth

"For most of his career, producer-composer
Brian Eno has written and recorded poignant
ambient music more befitting film scores (which
many of them were) than pop records.
"Another Day on Earth" (Rykodisc) is Eno's
first album in 15 years that focuses on the
presence of vocals rather than their absence.
The songs meld his ethereal soundscapes
with grandious vocal choruses, producing a
sound that feels like a cross-pollination
between antiquated chants and a digital-age
Complementing this style are lyrics concerned
with the profound wonder surrounding the
minutiae of everyday life. Admirable ambition
no doubt, but all is not copacetic.
Making grand music to suit grand ideas is a
tough task. ..."

Adam Kosan, The Hartford Courant.


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