Friday, December 23, 2011

Vigilia: Joseph's House And Miriam's Kitchen

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Joseph's House welcomes terminally ill men and women from streets, shelters, prisons, and hospitals to its hospice in Adams Morgan, the District of Columbia, where they find a compassionate community at the end of life. For those living their last days, staff and volunteers hold vigil around the clock.

$25 provides ten meals for residents and guests


Every weekday morning for the last 28 years, Miriam's Kitchen, in the District of Columbia, has served breakfast to chronically homeless men and women. The meal has expanded to include health and mental health services, therapeutic groups, and legal assistance; each weeknight, guests are invited back for a homemade dinner.

$25 provides a one-tenth share of supplies for therapeutic group activities

Image credit: The 14th c. CE Tacuinum Sanitatis is a medieval handbook on health and wellbeing, based on the Taqwim al‑sihha تقويم الصحة ("Maintenance of Health"), an eleventh-century Arab medical treatise by Ibn Butlan of Baghdad. Via Wikipedia.


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