Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Western Classical Music, The San Francisco Symphony, Chinese New Year, "Día de los Muertos" And Classical Music Education

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"Asked to identify the proudest achievements of his tenure, [retiring San Francisco Symphony President John D.] Goldman cited first the artistic growth of the orchestra - which, he conceded, was the work of Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas and the musicians.

"My humble opinion is that they can take on anything and do it exceptionally well. And the recognition we're getting, on tours in Europe and elsewhere, confirms that we are now a world-class orchestra and being recognized as such. That goal has always been out there, and now we're there."

The $25 million "Keeping Score" project, which he called a "seminal achievement," remains one of the key initiatives of his presidency. Goldman also pointed to the community outreach programs, including the orchestra's concerts for Chinese New Year and "Día de los Muertos."

Still to do, he said, is the task of "establishing the relevance of classical music to the next generation and the generation after that." ...

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle Music Critic

Photo credit: Totonac ritual dance. The rope unwraps itself 13 times for each of the four fliers, symbolizing the 52 weeks of the year. SpyridoulaDellaPhotography via Wikipedia. With thanks.


The Ritual Ceremony of the Voladores of Papantla has been recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) by UNESCO in 2009.


I saw Los Voladores de papantla in the summer of 1968 and the Hopi Snake Dance in the summer of 1969.


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