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Олег. Биография художника Олега Кудряшова, рассказанная им самим

Oleg. Biography Of The Artist Oleg Kudryashov As Narrated By Himself

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Directed by : Yelena BORISOVA (Елена БОРИСОВА)
Writing credits : Yelena BORISOVA (Елена БОРИСОВА)
Cinematography : Andrei TSVETKOV (Андрей ЦВЕТКОВ)
Produced by : Andrei TSVETKOV (Андрей ЦВЕТКОВ)
Companies : “OknO” Film Company

Russia, 2010, 52 mn
Colour, documentary


Plot synopsis

"Oleg Kudryashov is the world known artist. He became famous when he moved to England in 1973. “Most important for me is that there is a frame in the house, a frame prohibited by authorities. It is banned, but I want to make engraving and etching. It is not only Rembrandt willing to do that, but me too!” His life is a search for creative freedom. Having spent 24 years in England, he returned home. “Someone else’s courtyard” is some kind of a symbol for me. You arrive to a different country like to someone else’s courtyard. Alien people are all around. While you are getting used to them, everything changes at home. You returned, but everything here is already alien”."

Extracts from Notes and Reminiscences

Construction, plate N2344, 1995

Drypoint and gouache on constructed three-dimensional collage on paper. 43.8 x 35.7 x 17.7 cm (17 1/4 x 14 x 7 in). Signed in Cyrillic and dated ‘Kudryashov 95’ lower right; titled in Cyrillic ‘Plate N2344’ lower left.

Photo and image credits: (c) Oleg Kudryashov 2011.


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