Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life And Art On Earth ... Continued

Photo credits: (c) Ken Howard and the Metropolitan Opera and Agence France Press from Kyiv, Ukraine, Future European Union (November 30, 2010) 2010.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Is The Poverty Forecast?

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U.S. Poverty Data and Analysis from the U.S. Census Bureau

World Poverty Data and Analysis from the World Bank

Image credit: U.S. Library of Congress.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Complete World Bank World Development Report Online (And Free)

Fall Baroque Music Celebration Now Past, Library Of Congress Resumes Brief Survey Of Tip Of Classical, Romantic, and Modern String Quartet Repertoire

The Library of Congress tonight features four string quartets performed by the Doric String Quartet from the UK -- Haydn, Webern, Korngold, and Schumann.

One half of the autumn quartets performed at the Library of Congress have -- rightfully -- been by twentieth century masters.

The National Gallery of Art will soon step in to fill a void by beginning a survey of the sixteen great string quartets of Beethoven.

(Last May, the Phillips Collection hosted the Royal String Quartet from Poland performing the Gorecki String Quartet No. 1. All of the three Gorecki String Quartets were given their world premieres by the American Kronos String Quartet, which was touring in Wroclaw, Poland, when Mr Gorecki died one week ago. In addition, all of the great four symphonies by Lutoslawski were commmissioned by and given their world premieres by American orchestras.)

The "Western String Quartet for Dummies -- Abridged Edition" at the Library of Congress, Autumn 2010:


Western String Quartet

List of String Quartet ensembles

Library of Congress

National Gallery of Art

Phillips Collection

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pärt And Górecki On Classical WETA-FM ... Archipenko & Giacometti Figures On Display At The Ukrainian Institute Of America And The Phillips Collection

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Ukrainian Institute of America, New York City

The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

Photo credits: (c) Ukrainian Institute of America and the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College. Copyright controlled.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In Which Pan Cogito, A Former Dolphin, Sadly Realizes That After 50 Years He Only Remembers One Per Cent Of The Story Of 'Island Of The Blue Dolphins'

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Photo credit: Top picture of 700 children swimming across Seoul, Korea's Han River, this past summer, (c) Chosun Ilbo Yonhap 2010. Copyright controlled. Map of U.S. Navy facilities on San Nicolas Island from official U.S. unclassified government military document in the public domain.

A History of California Shore Whaling

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Mouse That Roared -- Outpacing Kennedy Center And Library Of Congress, Phillips Collection Opens Second 'Leading Composer Portrait' Concert Season

For those tired at the idea of watching Dudamel conduct John Adams, Bernstein, Chaikovsky, and Brahms at the local Cineplex:

"Debuting in November 2009 at the Phillips Collection, in downtown Washington, D.C., is an innovative new evening offering, the Leading European Composers concert series. Three European nations have selected their most distinguished composers to speak about their works and to present performances by musicians personally selected by the composers.

The Leading European Composers concerts are held on selected Thursday evenings from November to May. They begin promptly at 6 pm and are expected to end at about 7:30 pm. Admission is $20, $8 for members, free to Patrons and Circle members."

This year's cycle begins on Thursday, November 18, 2010, and features Pēteris Vasks from Latvia; and is followed by Erkki-Sven Tüür from Estonia.

Later in the spring, the season concludes with *** from Portugal.

Yesterday afternoon, the Phillips Collection Sunday Afternoon music series featured two works for cello and piano by leading American composer Michael Hersch, along with a solo cello suite of J.S. Bach.

Photo credit: Pēteris Vasks via Wikipedia.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Classical WETA-FM, In Nation's Capital, Engages In Cultural "Shock And Awe" Programming By Broadcasting Arvo Part And Avner Dorman Over 25 Hour Period

Monday, November 01, 2010

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”

"I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit." (November 29, 1962)

In Memorium, Theodore Sorensen, master rhetorician

Photo credit: (c) suburbangal 2010. Copyright controlled.