Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New American Opera -- From Austria, The European Union

Focus on Austrian composer Johanna Doderer with Édua Zádory (violin) and the Momenta Quartet (New York)

Friday, June 18 2010, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Embassy of Austria. Washington, D.C.
Free. Reservations required. 202-895-6776

On June 18, the work of Austrian composer Johanna Doderer will be featured at the Austrian Embassy in concert by violinist Édua Zádory and the Momenta Quartet (New York). Johanna Doderer´s (born 1969 in Bregenz, Austria) current work ranges from chamber music to orchestral work to opera. In the near future, she envisages concentrating her work on the field of opera. Her next opera will have the title A kind of Yellow and is dealing with Ira Hayes an almost mythological figure of the American history.

Introduction by Johanna Doderer

violin solo: Édua Zádory
2nd Piano Trio: Momenta Quartet
Wutmarsch for piano and violin: Édua Zádory and piano
string quintet (2 violins, viola, 2 celli): Momenta Quartet
violin solo: Édua Zádory

Conversation on opera with Johanna Doderer

Photo credit: (c) Copyright controlled.


Blogger JMW said...

Ira hayes! That should be a fascinating treatment. The picture accompanying your post speaks volumes about the psychology of the man.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Garth Trinkl said...

Thanks John. I agree about the photo. And yes, an Ira Hayes opera is an idea whose time has come. Let's hope that it is a powerful, beautiful, and successful contemporary opera.

6:25 AM  

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