Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Until Very Recently The Finnish National Opera Was Committed To Producing At Least One New Finnish Opera Every Year"

OK ... one new Finnish national opera every year is acceptable for the time being, given the slow and hesitant recovery from the U.S.-led global financial and economic crisis.

Olli Kortekangas: "Daddy’s Girl, for instance, is about the contrast between successive generations in one Finnish family spanning sixty years and is an attempt to express what is really important about human values, for nationality, politics and for changing ideologies. In the end, these are universal issues. Commentary like this is a very important reason for making operas, especially if you can portray real people with real emotions reacting to the kind of events which affect us all. Describing the world through “the big emotions of the little human being”, conveyed by the human voice – that’s opera at its best!"

Finnish National Opera

Washington National Opera

Header: Astuvansalmi prehistoric rock paintings in Ristiina, Finland, European Union. The rock paintings form a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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