Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are Changes Really Afoot At The Washington National Opera? – Response To Grammy-Award Winning American Classical Conductor John McLaughlin Williams

Well John, I did in fact just receive an excited email from the Washington National Opera headlined "Changes Afoot for the 2009-10 Season"!!!!

What other changes could they be referring to other than that the company had decided to honor it commitment to Congress and to the American people to produce one American opera each and every season in exchange for being allowed to call itself the Washington NATIONAL Opera?

(I imagine even Congress is now getting exasperated with the Washington National Opera repeatedly mounting British operas by Benjamin Britten and Nicholas Maw and calling them American operas. And how many Congresspersons do you imagine are truly excited about the WNO Porgy and Bess reprise next season -- or about the WNO releasing a tape of Puccini's La Rondine later this month?)

Photo credits: Harriet Tubman from Wikipedia Commons. Grammy Award winning American classical conductor John McLaughlin Williams © Eliesha Nelson 2009.


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