Friday, June 12, 2009

And, Finally, If You Thought That You Had Problems

Barmak Akram's "Kabuli Kid" is a fictional, seriocomic portrait of an Afghan cab driver in Kabul whose last passenger deliberately abandons her baby son in his vehicle.

Photo credit: (c) Human Rights Watch International Film Festival


Human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate. [She was the first ever Iranian to have received the prize.]


A look at Iran's electorate

SIZE: There are 46.2 million eligible voters in a population of about 70 million. About a third of the voters are under 30 -- born after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. About 60 percent of the voters are in cities.

WHO VOTES: Voting age is 18, raised from 16 in 2007. Iranians abroad can vote in diplomatic compounds and other polling sites.

PRESIDENTIAL PROCESS: The Guardian Council, controlled by the ruling clerics, vets all candidates for high office. In this election, more than 470 names were submitted and four allowed to run. Simple majority -- 50 percent plus 1 of votes cast -- needed for victory. Otherwise, a two-person runoff will be held June 19. The winner will take office in late August.

Source: Associated Press.


"A top election official predicted turnout could surpass the nearly 80 percent in the election 12 years ago that brought President Mohammad Khatami to power and began the pro-reform movement." (AP)


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