Friday, June 12, 2009

Classical WETA-FM Reveals Its Hand Of Cards And - Behold! - There Is Room In The Big Tent For Ives, Hovhaness & Adams Afterall (Brava Ms. Rockefeller)

Are the days after day of virtually no American classical music on public classical music radio in the Nation's Capital finally behind us, or will WETA CEO Sharon Percy Rockefeller again allow her managers and staffers to repress American classical music after July 5, 2009?

Classical WETA-FM, in the Nation's Capital, today Friday, June 12, 2009:

6:54 am: Louis Moreau Gottschalk: Deuxième Banjo, Op. 82

8:28 am: Robert Muczynski: Movements for Wind Quintet, Op. 16: I. Allegro con spirito

9:06 am: Alan Hovhannes: Symphony #2 "Mysterious Mountain": I. Andante con moto

10:59 am: John Knowles Paine: Romance, Op. 39

12:56 pm: Alan Hovhannes: Prayer of St. Gregory

2:32 pm: Anthony Louis Scarmolin: Three Miniatures

4:18 pm: Alan Hovhannes: Guitar Concerto #2, Op. 394: II. Allegro giusto

6:57 pm: Robert Muczynski: Fragments for Woodwind Trio: Exit (Allegro giocoso)

9:01 pm: Alan Hovhannes: Symphony #50, Op. 360 "Mount St. Helens"

11:03 pm: Alan Hovhannes: And God Created Great Whales


Weekly Features

Each Tuesday-Saturday evening at 9pm, Classical WETA will feature a special selection to celebrate American Music Month. Below is a list of the month's schedule.

Week 1
June 2: Barber: Violin Concerto
June 3: Still: Afro-American Symphony
June 4: Previn: Double Concerto
June 5: Herbert: Cello Concerto #2
June 6: Harris: Symphony #3
June 7: Bernstein: Missa brevis (Choral Showcase)

Week 2
June 9: Diamond: Symphony #4
June 10: Harbison: Piano Quintet
June 11: Rochberg: Violin Concerto
June 12: Havhannes: Mount St. Helen's Symphony
June 13: Copland: Appalachian Spring (chamber version)
June 14: Adams: On the Transmigration of Souls (Choral Showcase)

Week 3
June 16: Bernstein: The Age of Anxiety (Symphony #2)
June 17: Corigliano: Violin Sonata
June 18: Barber: Piano Sonata
June 19: Ives: Symphony #4
June 20: Hanson: Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth
June 21: Bernstein: Chichester Psalms (Choral Showcase)

Week 4
June 23: Libermann: Flute Sonata
June 24: Schuman: Symphony #4
June 25: Crumb: Cello Sonata
June 26: Copland: Symphony #3
June 27: Rorem: Symphony #3
June 28: Paine: Mass in D (Choral Showcase)

Week 5
July 1: Glass: Symphony #3
July 2: Bernstien: Serenade for Violin, Strings and Percussion
July 3: Copland: Billy the Kid
July 4: Copland: A Lincoln Portrait
July 5: Thompson: The Testament of Freedom(Choral Showcase)

Source [with spellings as given]

Header photo: Senator Jay Rockefeller, Classical WETA-FM CEO Sharon Rockefeller, art curator Molly Donovan, and contemporary art collector Aaron Fleischman. (c) ArtForum magazine 2009. Copyright controlled.


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