Monday, May 11, 2009

In Which The President Of Washington’s Conservative AEI Wants Pan Cogito To Know That He Attended The Baltimore Symphony Performing Bruckner Sym #3

Asokan pillar at Vaishali, Bihar, India

[Click on image for enlargement.]

Pan begins to feel old ...


Dear Pan Cogito,

AEI has launched its new website at The site offers many new features, including multimedia offerings such as podcasts, full-length videos, and video highlights, as well as RSS feeds for AEI work by scholar, subject, or product. ... In addition, our new blog, The Enterprise Blog, made its debut this week, and in its first day of operation, it received favorable attention and links from such high-traffic sites as, National Review Online, EuroIntelligence, andCrossing Wall Street. Visit or subscribe to our RSS feed. You can become a fan of AEI on Facebook and watch our videos on YouTube. You can even follow the Institute (and our new president, Arthur Brooks) on Twitter.

AEI’s president Arthur C. Brooks introduces the new Watch the video at




Header photo credit: Rajeev Kumar July 21, 2007 via Wikipedia. With many thanks.


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