Thursday, May 07, 2009

New York City's New Mimesis Ensemble Begins To Celebrate A Whole Lot Of Wonderful New Music!

Today's Mimesis Ensemble sampling ...

Thursday May 7, 2009 6:00PM
Millennium Stage at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2700 F Street, NW
Washington D.C.

Free and Open to the Public


Jubilation (1991)
Pozzi Escot

Lamentation and Satire (2008)
Mohammed Fairouz
Guest Artist:
Borromeo Quartet

Symphonic Aphorisms (2007)
Mohammed Fairouz
Guest Artist:
John Page, conductor

String Quartet No. 1: Metamorphosis and Fugue on Egyptian Folklore (1951)
Halim El-Dabh
Guest Artist:
Borromeo Quartet

Clytemnestra Suite (2008)
Halim El-Dabh


Al-Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt

"Located in the heart of old historic Cairo and commanding stunning panoramic views of the world's most intriguing city, Al-Azhar Park offers every visitor a glimpse into the captivating past. Lush green landscaped gardens are an enjoyable sojourn away from city's major tourist attractions. Embracing valuable history, the park is home to the newly discovered Ayyubid wall, constructed by Salah El Din more than 800 years ago."

Photo credit: (c) e (exp) 2/ design 2009.


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