Monday, January 05, 2009

High-Mindedness or Mindedness?

... "After 10 days of a relentless Israeli assault, Shifa Hospital, Gaza's largest, is overwhelmed. Bodies were crowded two to a morgue drawer, and some -- like 3-year-old Issa, 4-year-old Mohammed and 5-year-old Ahmad -- were on the floor.

Shifa's shabby halls echoed Monday with the sounds of people screaming and the wail of ambulance sirens. Many of the wounded were being treated in hallways by harried doctors and nurses running on little sleep. The hospital was powered by emergency generators after shelling damaged power lines.

Since Israel began a ground offensive Saturday, most of the dead and wounded arriving at Shifa are civilians, as Israel's offensive shifts from airstrikes to artillery shelling and fighting close to densely populated areas." ...

Associated Press "Gaza Hospital Overwhelmed by Dead, Wounded" New York Times January 5, 2009


Building the Barricades (Budowalam Barykade)[1974],
Swirszczynska 'Swir', Anna

0:53 - Against the Machine Guns
0:28 - Brat
0:52 - Building Barricade
1:17 - Conversation with Mothers
0:16 - Last Drop Air
0:20 - Said Major
0:25 - Shooting at Me
0:26 - The Planes
0:30 - Waiting to be Shot


'Anna Swir (actual name Swirszczyn´ska) was born in Warsaw, Poland, on February 7, 1909. Her father, an artist, was unable to keep his family out of dire poverty. Swir grew up doing her schoolwork and sleeping in her father’s workshop. Nonetheless, in a group of poems that she wrote years later about her mother and father, she expressed a close bond and sincere gratitude. Swir managed to put herself through college where she studied medieval and baroque Polish literature. A poem of hers was published in a popular magazine in 1930 when she was only 21 years old.'


Photo credit: (c) Obama Transition Office/Callie Shell via Associated Press. Copyright controlled. January 5, 2009.


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Image credit: (c) New York Times 2009. Copyright controlled.

Photo credit: (c) Mohammed Salem and Reuters 2009. Copyright controlled.


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