Monday, December 29, 2008

If Santa Had Had To Clean The Augean Stables

The success of Hercules Fifth Labor was ultimately discounted in the Greco-Roman wisdom literature because rushing waters had done the work of cleaning the stables and because Hercules was to have been paid one-tenth of Augeas’s huge flock of divine cattle, which were said to be immune from disease allowing them to live amongst filth.

Heracles killed Augeas after having completed the river re-engineering and cleansing task.

Photo credit: (c) BjornJorgensen and Innovation Norway. Copyright controlled. With thanks.


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"Hercules and the Hydra" and "Nude Warriors in Combat"; both by Antonio Pollaiuolo.

"Some of Pollaiolo's painting exhibits strong brutality, of which the characteristics can be studied in the Saint Sebastian, painted in 1473-1475 for the Pucci Chapel of the SS. Annunziata of Florence. However, in contrast, his female portraits exhibit a calmness and a meticulous attention to detail of fashion, as was the norm in late 15th century portraiture."

Image credits: Wikipedia Commons. With thanks.


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