Monday, December 22, 2008

Pan Cogito, For A Second Time Today, Stops And Thinks

"In a crisis, history counsels cooperation. Its absence in the 1930s was disastrous. Consider the bankruptcy in May 1931 of Creditanstalt, then Austria's largest bank [and which in recent years was merged into the German HypoVereinsbank, which itself has now been taken over by Italian-based UniCredit]."

Robert J. Samuelson "Bankers In the Crucible" Washington Post December 22, 2008


Aurel Schubert and Michael D. Bordo (ed.). The Credit-Anstalt Crisis of 1931 (Studies in Macroeconomic History). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 1992. ISBN 0-521-36537-6


Header image: Nazi public announcement of September 28, 1941 in Russian, Ukrainian, and German.

After the 45-day battle for the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, Nazi forces entered the city on September 19, 1941. The occupation of Kyiv lasted until November 6, 1943. The decision to kill all the Jews of Kyiv was made on September 26, as retaliation for attacks against Germans. The Babyn Yar massacres took place on September 29-30, 1941. The Babi Yar massacre is considered to be "the largest single massacre in the history of the Holocaust".


From Berlin to Babi Yar: The Nazi War Against the Jews, 1941-1944 by Wendy Morgan Lower, Towson University. Journal of Religion & Society, Volume 9 (2007).


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