Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Re: Minimalism And Post-Minimalism Matters: Live From The Netherlands, European Union... First Satyagraha, Now Doctor Atomic

'Non-objective painting, too, can suggest a continuum, albeit an artificial one. Those canvases of the action school that are filled with visual events -- and those that seem particularly empty of them -- alike suggest that the kind of thing we see within the frame is also going on beyond its bounaries, and that the edge delimits a cross-section of an indefinitely extending continuum. Many of these works, including some of the most celebrated, seem to be apprehensible only in this way. Thus some of Jackson Pollock's late paintings seem to be surfaces rather than works of art. ... I have suggested that "totally determined" serial music gives the effect of being a segment of an indefinitely extensible twelve-tone continuum. Similarly, "non-determined" music, whether the sequence of events is left up to the performer or to pure chance, may imply a continuum that often seems to combine the purely musical with the quasi-dramatic. The two determinisms of formula and fortune lead to the same result: the arbitrary way in which such products begin and end and the fortuitous nature of their inner connections ensure that they can at best be experienced only as surfaces" ...

Edward T. Cone "On Two Modes of Esthetic Perception" in Musical Form and Musical Performance 1968 p. 97

Image credits: Courtesy Opus Arte. Copyright controlled.


Coming soon from Britain to DVD (I hope): Sir Harrison Birtwistle and David Harsent's 'The Minotaur' Royal Opera House


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