Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tristis est anima mea

"During the whole period of the Renaissance, then, the very theme which like none other was fraught with pathos failed to find commensurate expression for reasons other than artistic, yet not for want of masterly minds."

Leo Shrade Tragedy In The Art of Music 1964 [Charles Eliot Norton lectures at Harvard University in 1962-63]

watercolor on paper
22 x 15

Image credit: (c) Joachim Bandau and Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, United States. 2008. Copyright controlled. All rights reserved. With thanks.




[Music at 9/11 noon addendum:

In lieu of one minute of silence, one could listen to Schoenberg’s “Sehr langsam” concluding movement from the Sechs kleine Klavierstuck Opus 19 (perhaps in Allessandro Palazzani’s recent orchestration); or for those willing to listen for a little more than one minute, Webern’s grieving ‘Marcia Funebre’ from his Six Pieces Opus 6.]


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