Monday, July 28, 2008

Renaissance Research "Conservatory Project" Assignment On 17th And 20th Century Opera And Film: Badoara, Hofmannstahl, Schnitzler, Kubrick

Pan Cogito, always of his time and century, finally got around on Saturday afternoon to viewing Stanley Kubrick's "late style film" Eyes Wide Shut (1999) at the esteemed National Gallery of Art, in Washington, D.C.

Pan spent a good part of Sunday home alone (his legal wife at her museum job), and with the curtains drawn, watching adult videos of Giacomo Badoaro, Claudio Monteverdi, and Hans Werner Henze's opera Il Ritorno D'Ulisse In Patria (1641/1984) and Hugo von Hofmannstahl and Richard Strauss's Die Frau ohne Schatten (1919) -- both recorded years back at the Salzburg Festivals, in Austria, European Union.


Renaissance Research "Conservatory Project" Assignment:

Write an essay discussing the views of human sexuality in Badoaro and Monteverdi's Ulisse, Hofmannstahl and Strauss (and Goethe's) Die Frau, and Schnitzler and Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. You may want to reread the relevant works by Badoaro, Hofmannstahl, Goethe [Das Marchen], and Schnitzler before writing. What do you think of the symbolism of the 'water of life' containing blood in Hofmannstahl's libretto?

Image credits: (c) Warners Brothers and Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria, Present European Union [Klimt's Der Kuss, 1907-08].


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