Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Renaissance Research "Conservatory Project" Pop Quiz On Contemporary Composition: American Classical Music, Unlike Classical WETA, Greets The World

Which Pulitzer, Grammy, and UNESCO Prize-winning American Classical composer incorporated Caribbean steel drums, Cambodian angklungs, Japanese Kabuki blocks, the Brazilian cuica , and the Appalachian hammered dulcimer into one of his/her masterpieces of American classical music?

For which works of American classical music did this composer win the Pulitzer, Grammy, and UNESCO Music Prizes; and in what years?

Have you ever heard a work of this American classical composer performed live in concert, or on public radio in your listening area?

Do you know which American classical orchestras will be featuring works by this American classical composer during the upcoming classical musical season of change?


Sharon Percy Rockefeller's Classical WETA-FM, so-called public classical music radio in the Nation's Capital.


Classical WETA Opera House to broadcast Washington 'National' Opera production of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, this Saturday at 1 PM.


Names for the hammered dulcimer in different countries of the world

Austria - hackbrett
Belarus - Цымбалы (tsymbaly)
Brazil - saltério
Cambodia - khim
China - yangqin
Croatian - cimbal, cimbale
Czech Republic - cimbál
Denmark - hakkebræt
France - tympanon
Germany - Hackbrett
Greece - santouri
Hungary - cimbalom
India - santoor
Iran - santur
Ireland - tiompan
Italy - salterio
Korea - yanggeum 양금
Laos - khim
Latgalia - cymbala
Latvia - cimbole
Lithuania - cimbalai, cimbolai
Mexico - salterio
Mongolia joochin
Netherlands - hakkebord
Poland - cymbały tsymbaly
Portugal - saltério
Romania - ţambal
Russia - Цимбалы tsymbaly, Дульцимер (dultsimer)
Slovakia - cimbal
Slovenia - cimbale, oprekelj
Spain - salterio
Sweden - hackbräda, hammarharpa
Switzerland - Hackbrett
Thailand - khim
Turkey - santur
Ukraine - Цимбали tsymbaly
United Kingdom - hammered dulcimer
United States - hammered dulcimer
Vietnam - đàn tam thập lục (lit. "36 strings")
Yiddish - tsimbl

Source: Wikipedia. [Also for the photos]. With thanks.

The diatonic and the chromatic hammered dulcimer.


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