Monday, November 26, 2007

Pan Cogito Almost Falls Off His Limb After Hearing Stravinsky's The Firebird Broadcast On Classical WETA/WGMS-FM

Yesterday, Pan Cogito curled up with Richard Taruskin's* analysis -- from a generation ago -- of Igor Stravinsky's indebtedness, in his Petrushka, to his teacher Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, especially his Scheherazade [octatonic/diatonic harmonic interweaving]. He then listened to a recording of Petrushka, which he had not listened to for some time.

With only a slight break for dishwashing, he then turned on reactionary WETA/WGMS-FM, so-called public radio in the Nation's Capital, and was startled to hear Stravinsky's The Firebird.

This was not a usual evening in Greater Washington, and we next felt obliged to check the state of the world on BBC World News on Howard University's WHUT, public television in the Nation's Capital...


Opera and Drama in Russia as Preached and Practiced in the 1860's by Richard Taruskin
Author(s) of Review: Harlow Robinson
The Slavic and East European Journal, Vol. 27, No. 1 (Spring, 1983), pp. 122-124

Pan Cogito's hero Sadko, as represented in Slavic Palekh Icon and Miniature Painting.

Image credit: (c) Sergei Naumov via All rights reserved. The image is being used as the primary means of visual identification of the subject or topic. With thanks.


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