Thursday, June 07, 2007

Almost Caught Morning Napping In Codornices Park Without His Shirt, Pan Cogito Runs Downhill Towards Bay And Hides Behind Redwood Tree

Be advised that Pan Cogito is currently studying closely the role of Google's new Maps Street View in the coming International Renaissance ...

One of the first parks in Berkeley, Codornices Park was opened in 1915 with a splendid field house, a fine tennis court, and many other play features. By an agreement dated October 11, 1921, the City of Berkeley leased the land, which was owned by the Water Company (succeeded by the East Bay Municipal Utilities District, or EBMUD) for $1.00 a year for 50 years. The City exercised the option to buy the land in 1967 and acquired the property from EBMUD for $68,968 on January 22, 1976. The softball field was added in 1970. A community group, Los Amigos de Codornices [also Friends of Five Creeks], came together in 1980 to develop a park plan and begin a series of community work parties to restore paths, meadows, hillsides, bridges, and trails.

Photo credit: Berkeley Architectural Heritage Society. With thanks.


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