Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pan Cogito Surreptitiously ["he was watching her surreptitiously as she waited in the hotel lobby"] Scopes Out 'The Future' By Googling Google.org

"Google itself has a philanthropic arm, and company cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page spell out their hopes for it at Google.org. The site, still under development, bears this simple message from the Google cofounders: "We hope that someday this institution will eclipse Google itself in overall world impact by ambitiously applying innovation and significant resources to the largest of the world's problems.""

Source: www.berkeley.edu


"Google.org engages Google's talent, technology and resources to address some of the globe's most difficult challenges. We’re currently exploring the best approaches and solutions for significant, positive impact in the areas of:

Global Development: develop scalable, sustainable solutions to poverty by focusing on economic growth in the private sector and improving access to information and services for the poor.

Global Public Health: enable the world to better predict, prevent and eradicate communicable diseases through better access to and use of information.

Climate Change: mitigate the effect of climate change on the poor by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, and supporting clean energy sources.

While we continue to determine the best ways we can have impact in these three broad areas, we've made learning grants to a variety of organizations including: Acumen Fund, Seva Foundation, TechnoServe, The World Bank’s Development Marketplace 2006, and Planet Read.

In addition, Google gives free advertising to selected non-profits through its Google Grants program, supporting more than 2,100 non-profit organizations in 16 countries to date. Current Google Grants participants include the Grameen Foundation USA, Doctors Without Borders, Room to Read, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. For information about the Google Grants program, please visit: www.google.com/grants."

Source: www.google.org

In Somalia, Doctors Without Borders

Nurse Ali Haji Hussein (left) takes the blood pressure of Shaciro Hassani, who was found to have pneumonia. Dr. Eduardo Silvestri (right) of Doctors Without Borders trains clinic staff.

Photo credit: (c) S.F. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor via sfgate.com. All rights reserved. With thanks.


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